Respond to the national strategic development plan of "The Belt and Road Initiative", we use it as industrial development innovation platform. Further promote innovation in manufacturing, speed up supply-side reform to achieve the development in varieties & quality & brand. In order to develop bamboo industry with the integration of both craft & frontier technology, promote green, low-carbon and environmentally sustainable design in bamboo industry, the second " Tai-Chi Master " international bamboo industry design competition was held.

“Tai-Chi Master” specially invited the Innovation Design Alliance of China and Dragon Design Foundation as the co-sponsor. Competition awarded entries may obtain the star certification of Dragon Design, their designers could directly enter into the nomination of the Dragon Star. Dragon Design Award, started by Beijing Dragon Design Foundation, having been ratified registration by the National Office for Science & Technology Awards, is China’ first national award for industrial design.



Bamboo Revolutionary Road



Sponsor: Forestry Department of Fujian Province,  People’s Government of Nanping Municipality,

Special sponsor: Innovation Design Alliance of China,  Beijing Dragon Design Foundation

Organizer:People’s Government of Shaowu Municipality, Nanping Economy and Information Commission,  Forestry Department of Nanping Municipality,  Fujian Province Industrial Design Association

Co-organizer: Fujian Province Trade Association of Forest Products,  Shaowu Forest Product Processing Industry Association,  Fujian Vekoo Household Products Manufacturing Co., Ltd,  Fujian ChengKe Spatial Investment Management Co., Ltd,  Hangzhou Bole Industrial Design Incorporated Company



1 Competition preparation: 6.01st , 2017 – 10, 20th, 2017

2 Commencement and registration: 10. 21th, 2017 – 4.25th, 2018

3 Preliminary selection: 5,2018

4 Publicity of preliminary results: 5,2018

5 Selected entries’ modification and proofing: 5, 2018 – 6, 2018

6 Wechat vote: 5,2018

7 Final selection, defense, forum, awarding ceremony: 6, 2018

8 Tour exhibition, crowd funding: 6, 2018– 12, 2018


Awards Setting

Competition awards total up to 66,0000RMB, including 25 entries for the creative design, 20 entries for the enterprise products;

Worth to mention that each creative design entries has additional 2000RMB subsidy for modeling.


CreativeDesign (56,0000RMB)

The grand prix (1 person): 10,0000RMB/trophy/certification

The best creative product design (1 person): 6,0000 RMB/trophy/certification

The best commercial value award (2 persons): 3, 0000 RMB/trophy/certification

The best future-oriented design (2 persons): 3, 0000 RMB/trophy/certification

The best social value award (2 persons): 2, 0000 RMB/trophy/certification

The best green design (2 persons): 2, 0000 RMB/trophy/certification

The design of potency (15 persons): 5000 RMB/certification

Well-organized awards (25 persons): 5000 RMB/certification

For those re-designed awarded works, once go into mass production, relevant rewards will be given in accordance with the level of industrialization.  

Enterprise Products Creative Design (10,0000RMB)

The golden prize for creative products(5 persons):

2, 0000 RMB/trophy/certification

Honorable awards for creative products(15 persons): trophy/certification

Notes: all prize amount mentioned above are pre-tax; competitors should pay the tax voluntarily in accordance with the relevant regulations of their own country and region( including, but not limited to the People’s Republic of China).