Design Theme


It is required to treat bamboo or wood as the main material for all entries. Combination with other materials, such as metal, plastic, fabrics, leather or new materials is permitted. Entries can be production design or conceptual design, both of them should be original, creative and practical for modern life.   


1Creative Product Design (Product design or concept design)

1.1 Leisure: 

( Commodities of local characteristics and features, specific to Nanping, Shaowu two cities and resorts ) including package, bags, musical instrument , glasses, etc …

1.2 Household Articles:

Children or adults household articles, kitchen ware, sanitary tools and wares, tea sets, decorativeware, etc …

1.3 Consumer electronics:

Such as home appliance, lights, intelligent wearable articles, digital products, etc …

1.4 Furniture:

For indoor or outdoor usage, for storage or displaying…i.e. tables, cabinets,chairs…

1.5 Office Appliance:

All supplies or furniture for office usage.

1.6 Public Space:

Creative application of bamboo materials to the industry of architecture or interior decoration with concept of low-carbon and eco-friendly.


Entry content: focus on Food industry, Travel industry, Electromechanical manufacturing industry, Bamboo processing industry, Textile & bag industry and Biological industry, Culture innovation industry, Modern logistics industry and so on, production should only been already launched or will be launched very soon.



1 Competition opening ceremony held, along with the following publicity, popularization, and entries calling;

2 Preliminary Selection: selecting 20 entries out of the creative design, to be modeled;  20 entries out of the enterprise products;

3 Publicizing the preliminary results in the platforms, e.g. Wechat and voting;

4 Final Selection: designer’s on-spot defense for their entered products;

5 Holding the design forum and award ceremony, on-spot exhibition of final entries and their models;

6 For awarded products, via further design and optimization;

7 Dragon Star nomination available for awarded designers;

8 Showcase and popularize awarded products in various design portals and relevant magazines, websites;


Entries Rules

1 orks applied for competition should be original, no counterfeiting or infringing others’ intellectual rights;

2 Works should comply with this competition theme and principles;

3 Works should fully take market value and mass production possibility into consideration;

4 ntries for enterprise products creative design should have already put into market or are going to mass production, fully and wholly independent intellectual property owned or without disputes, or ever winning other industrial design awards. The submission should be in physical unit, along with the product introduction in .ppt format;

5 orks, identical to or similar to any published design, or ever awarded in other industrial design competitions, or accepted by the contracting party designers’ service for the third party are not permitted.


Submission Requirements

1 Entries, should be sent to the appointed mailbox in electronic forms, along with registration form, at the same time;

2 Dimensions: A2(420mm*594mm), vertical layout, 300dpi, in .JPG format, ensuring large-format inkjet and printing; one page is limited;  

3 Rendering: any method, freehand sketching or computer graphic, that could clearly demonstrate designer’s creativity and design is accepted. The submission should be and merely be in digital records;

4 Page contents mainly consist of following aspects: whole design rendering, partial design rendering, design illustration, names of entries( any clue indicating author name and author name are not allowed, otherwise, this works would be treated as invalid). One short paragraph about products’ main creative points, crafts, materials, etc. is mandatory;

5 Submitting deadline is set on 4.25th, 2018. The manuscript receiving date by organizing committee should prevail if any dispute over time occurs;


Entry Entry

1 Companies and public institutions

2 Professional teachers and students at of design in colleagues and universities home and abroad

3 Designers from design companies or others

4 Free-lance designers and design amateurs

All above mentioned members could register for competition in the name of group or individual.

Entry Fee: free

Contribution Requirements Download

Download: Registration Form for the Creative Design Group

Download: Registration Form for the Enterprise Creative Design Group