Evaluation Criterion

1 Complying with competition theme, contents and requirements;

2 Being of foresight, innovation, aesthetics, and mass production possibility;

3 In the aspect of user value, it is required to be portable, comfortable, safe, and self-explanatory , meanwhile taking user emotion demand into account;

4 In the aspect of social value, it is required to be green, environmental, energy-saving and sustainable.  


Terms and Conditions

1 For those original design, no counterfeiting or infringing others’ property rights, or betraying the above requirements, the intellectual property rights belong to designers themselves; While, the organizer owns the rights for marketing, exhibition, publishing and industrialized conversion; 

2 Except for the grant of organizer and author, any unit, individual or the third party has no right to re-design, produce, sell, propagandize, publish, exhibit, or other kinds of promotion and propaganda. Otherwise, the organizer is entitled to trace for relevant legal liability;

Any legal liability arose by competitors’ inappropriate actions, such as plagiarism, theft of commercial secrets, or disputes with the third party, are within competitors’ own responsibility. Competition committee can cancel their qualification for participation and prizes any time unilaterally, and take relevant prize money back;

3 For those designs intended to be industrialized, the organizer is going to discuss and cooperate with designers for further design, then take part in crowd funding for the trial of sample production and marketing (designers get rewarded in accordance with the industrialization level). For those optimized schemes, the organizer is entitled to apply to the State Intellectual Property Office for intellectual property rights protection. While, designers own the right of authorship.